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15 Aug 2

The Rapid Expansion of New Site Launch Set for September

Hold onto your keyboards fellow SportsBlog members, a site relaunch is coming to a blog near you this September. As if this place wasn't awesome enough, there are many new, exciting features and tools that are included in the relaunch, all for you the blogger to utilize.

Before I get into all the relaunch stuff, let me just say a few things about Sportsblog is rapidly growing, and it's because of all the great talent and work that all the bloggers put in on a daily basis. 

You can be a professional athlete, past or present, an inspiring writer trying to get his or her name out there, or just a simple sports nut who likes to voice his/her opinion. We strive to give all bloggers a good experience and a chance to be heard in a growing community of over 20,000 blogs.

I'm going to assume there are some out there reading this who are not Sportsblog members or first-time visitors to the site. Here's a glimpse of what is about:

As mentioned above, is home to 20,000+ blogs. And you should see some of the names on our roster! The list is truly endless, but here's just a sample of some of the athletes we currently have blogging here at Mitch Richmond, Tim Hardaway, Dale Ellis, Derek Carr, Kyle Long, Brady Quinn, Blaine Bishop, Warren Sapp, Swin Cash, Cappie Pondexter, Matt Fish, etc. The list of both former and current athletes goes on and on here at It is truly astonishing and is what really makes this place unique.

Ever heard of a guy named Charlie Villanueva? NCAA national champion, lottery pick in the 2005 draft, and 2006 NBA Rookie of the Year runner up (behind Chris Paul)? Yea, that guy. 

Well, he's chronicled his entire free agency trek right here on this very site. He's literally shown us a first-hand account of what it's like to be in NBA free agency limbo in his weekly "Crossroads" webisode. It's truly great stuff, check it out!

Ever watch or hear about Atlanta Dream WNBA rookie sensation Shoni Schimmel? Of course you have, she's awesome. But if you haven't, she's here blogging as well, showcasing every step and memory she makes in her rookie season for all fans to see. 

How about a google hangout with a former NBA player? We got those as well! Jim Mcllvane did a google hangout with fellow bloggers Rich Winter of the Panic Button, Jake Elman of Sportsmix, and Sportsblog's social media guru Vaden Hoffman. Oh, and more former and current athletes will be doing these hangouts in the near future, geez is this place awesome or what?!?

Now for the juicy gossip...coming this September, the relaunch of will feature a complete makeover of the site itself. It will be user-friendly, and provide new, snazzy themes for the layout of your blogs. Not only that, but all bloggers will have a video and image library at their disposal.

PLUS, you will be able to see advanced stats on your posts so you know where your coveted traffic is coming from! I know some of you will like that one. So, are you excited yet? Hang on, there's more...

Bloggers will have the option to team up with other bloggers and do group blogging. Want to make a video, or have some sort of roundtable discussion with fellow bloggers? No problem! We got it covered in the upcoming relaunch coming to you this September!

First football comes back and now this? Life is good. has spoken, we are the #1 destination for sports bloggers worldwide and encourage you to welcome the relaunch with open arms. 

If you would like to open up an account with and join our awesome community, please click HERE to fill out the registration. It takes two minutes and it gives you access to your very own customized blog and a chance to be a part of one of the most epic relaunches in the history of relaunches. I'm not even sure what that means; I just want September to be here already! Blog on!

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13 Aug

Atlanta Dream Clinch First Place; Shoni Schimmel Sets Another WNBA Record

Atlanta Dream rookie Shoni Schimmel continues to shine in her debut season, as she set yet another WNBA record on Wednesday night against the Phoenix Mercury. In the 2nd quarter, Shoni was simply on fire, scoring 20 points and outscoring the entire Phoenix Mercury team by herself (15 2nd quarter points.)

Schimmel becomes only the 6th WNBA player to score 20+ points in a quarter. Diana Taurasi holds the WNBA record with 22 points in a quarter, which she accomplished in 2006. Too bad there wasn't an extra minute of that 1st half, Shoni would have most likely got the record! Schimmel ended the game with 24 points on 8-15 shooting, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. 

With a 96-82 victory over the best team in the WNBA, the Atlanta Dream have clinched 1st place in the Eastern Conference for the first time ever. Shoni continues to improve and impress, and the Dream are certainly a team to keep an eye on as the WNBA Playoffs inch closer.

For those that don't know, Shoni is a member of Sportsblog and you can follow and read her blog HERE. Congratulations to Shoni and the Atlanta Dream on clinching the Eastern Conference, well deserved! Best of luck in the playoffs!

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6 Aug

MLS All-Stars Beat Bayern Munich 2-1; Pep Guardiola Refuses to Shake Hands

Earlier tonight in Portland, the MLS All-Stars squared off against arguably the best team in all of soccer, Bayern Munich. In what was supposed to be a friendly, a mere entertainment game for the fans, the match turned ugly after a couple suspect tackles by the MLS side.

Bayern's coach, Pep Guardiola let MLS coach Caleb Porter have it after a dangerous tackle by Osvaldo Alonso, who was carded for the attempt. Porter was seen putting his hands up as if he was acknowledging Guardiola's disgust and apologizing. 

Then things boiled over, especially with the MLS side taking an unexpected 2-1 lead in the 70th minute thanks to a Landon Donovan strike. In the 88th minute, Guardiola was furious over a late Will Johnson challenge that sent Bastian Schweinsteiger to the ground in pain.

Guardiola was seen giving a sarcastic thumbs up to the officials numerous timesin between barking at the MLS bench for a second time. 

Porter wanted nothing to do with a shouting match, but he did try to display some sportsmanship after the game. Guardiola and his coaching staff wanted nothing to do with it. Pep wagged him off Dikembe Mutombo style, and then his coaching staff followed by ignoring Porter's gesture. 

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1 Aug

Breaking News: Paul George Suffers Gruesome Injury During Team USA Scrimmage

Paul George has suffered a serious leg injury during Team USA's white versus blue scrimmage earlier tonight. It was so bad, coach Mike Kryzewski called the game out of respect to Paul George and his family.

Early in the fourth quarter, George was pursuing James Harden on a layup when he landed awkwardly, more than likely breaking his leg. You can hear the ghastly reactions of some of the players on the bench. Yes, it was that bad.

You have to feel horrible for George right now as this most likely means no Team USA basketball as well as being sidelined for the upcoming 2014-15 NBA season. Prayers to Paul George on a quick and speedy recovery.

Paul George publicly thanked everyone for the love and support on his twitter!

Warning graphic photo of injury below:

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1 Aug

Video: Damian Lillard Drills 80-footer at the Buzzer of Team USA Scrimmage

Damian Lillard is at it again. This time in Team USA's white and blue scrimmage. Check out this 80-footer he drills at the buzzer!

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1 Aug

Team USA Scrimmage Highlights: Kevin Durant Posterizes Anthony Davis [Video]

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1 Aug

Team USA Scrimmage Highlights: Derrick Rose is FAST [Video]

Team USA is holding a white and blue scrimmage that is currently airing on ESPN. All eyes are on Derrick Rose as this is his first action on the court since suffering another season-ending injury last season.

In case anyone had any doubts about his explosiveness or loss of quickness due to these injuries, here's proof that Derrick Rose is back...and boy is he FAST!

2 different angles:

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31 Jul

MLB Trade Deadline: David Price is Headed to the Tigers; Austin Jackson Taken off the Field in the 7th Inning

The MLB trade deadline is coming to a close and Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price is apparently on the move. In a strange sequence of events, Detroit Tigers outfielder Austin Jackson was pulled off the field during the 7th inning of today's game against the Chicago White Sox.

I just so happened to be watching the game (rare for me as baseball isn't my thing), and witnessed Jackson literally get pulled off the field during the 7th inning with the bases loaded. 

Jackson seemed confused at first, but he, along with a packed Comerica Park, quickly realized what was happening. He was being taken off the field due to a trade.

The Tampa Bay Rays will send pitcher David Price to the Tigers in a 3-team deal involving the Seattle Mariners. The Rays receive Tigers pitcher Drew Smyly and infielder Nick Franklin, and Seattle acquires Austin Jackson.

Austin Jackson left the field to a standing ovation and nothing but smiles and hugs from his now former teammates. Watch:

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31 Jul 1

MLB Losing Viewers to Soccer, Are We Witnessing a Culture Shift?

The MLB and the game of baseball has had a monumental effect on America. It's gotten us through good times and bad, through war and peace, played by both men and women respectively.

Infamously dubbed as "America's pastime," baseball is slowly dying. The MLB is a tainted league, quickly fading into the shadow of a dark horse here in America. That dark horse is the game of soccer.

I read a story on how a Saturday MLB doubleheader on Fox Sports 1 was beaten out in viewers by a MLS/EPL exhibition match on ESPN2. It got me thinking, is this proof that there is indeed a culture shift happening in America? Is soccer the next big thing, perhaps eclipsing baseball in popularity for the first time in America?

Soccer is the most popular sport GLOBALLY, but let's face it, it's usually not the first, or second, or even third choice for your average sports fan living in America. 

I've had baseball and basketball fans alike tell me they would rather watch paint dry than watch soccer. However, the excitement and heart-stopping moments of the 2014 World Cup, along with the success of Team USA, may have awoken a sleeping giant.

Fox Sports offered two baseball games last Saturday, the Washington Nationals faced the Cincinnati Reds, and the Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals completed the exclusive doubleheader.

Nobody cared about the Nationals Reds game apparently, with a lousy 186,000 tuning in to witness an uneventful 1-0 Reds win.

It wasn't much better for the second leg of MLB's big Saturday lineup, with 223,000 watching the Indians and Royals, and I suspect they reached that number thanks to a 12-run outburst between the 2nd-5th innings. The game ended 7-5, as naturally, literally nothing happened after the 5th inning.

Mind you, it's now August, baseball's regular season is winding down and most of those teams are still in contention. On the other hand, you had two meaningless soccer games between clubs from opposite sides of the pond.

The New York Red Bulls of the MLS, and Arsenal of the EPL, squared off in New York Saturday afternoon, netting 289,000 viewers. The night slot between the Chicago Fire and Tottenham Spurs was an even bigger success, hauling in 383,000 viewers. 

Per Douglas Pucci, the damage was even worse in the coveted Adults 18-49 demographic. Nats/Reds (57,000 viewers) and Indians/Royals (53,000) were nowhere close to Red Bulls/Arsenal (183,000) and Fire/Spurs (284,000). In fact, Chicago/Tottenham drew more viewers in the Adults 18-49 demo than either MLB game drew total. Yikes.

I'm sure some will make the case that Arsenal and Tottenham and both very popular clubs in England. Which is absolutely true, but these were mere exhibition games, with the outcome having no meaning to either team. 

But the numbers speak for themselves, sports fans were clearly more interested in two meaningless soccer friendlies, over two MLB game in the middle of the summer. The tide is turning, soccer is gaining momentum in the United States people.

Maybe it's the evolving concussion problems that keep hampering the game of American football that are deterring parents from encouraging their kids to participate.

Maybe the expensive hockey equipment is becoming too big of a financial burden. Maybe baseball has lost it's flare, causing the younger crowd to venture into other sports. 

Whatever the case may be, soccer is gaining traction in America in both young and old, boy and girl.

On a personal note, I once loved the game of baseball, and then my interest diminished, little by little, thanks to an organization that seems more committed to rebuilding for eternity and revamping their Triple-A roster, despite not winning a World Series in over a century. Yes, I'm talking about the Chicago Cubs, but that's a story for another time.

It's not just a personal vendetta against the Cubs, but also the neverending saga of cheaters and liars, using performance-enhancing drugs to boost their stats. It's not an isolated incident that cheaters exist in baseball, it's been exposed for almost the past two decades. Baseball is tainted, it's lost it's charm in my opinion.

And I got news for all you soccer critics out there who pull out the boring card. Baseball is just as boring, if not worse. Per a Wall Street Journal report, an average 3-hour baseball game only has about 17 minutes of real action. You hear that? 17 MINUTES! That means for 2 hours and 43 minutes you're watching NOTHING. Dead air and 9 men standing around spitting seeds and chewing tobacco. 

I'm tired of watching the superstitions at the plate, the touching of the wrists, tapping of the cleats, the OCD-like touching of the helmets, play being stopped so the millionaire can tuck his gold chain in, etc. 

The antics are so played out too me. This guy seems to agree with me as well (also suing ESPN

Funny, the game of soccer has no commercials excluding halftime, a running clock, and non-stop back and forth action. Fans are united, chant songs together, and I don't even think there's a cutoff time for beer sales either!

I believe Americans are just spoiled and used to sports where a lot of scoring is involved. The high-scoring NBA, along with the pass-happy NFL are to thank for that.

A 1-0 soccer game is instantly a snooze fest, but a 2-1 MLB game is heralded as "a great pitching duel." That's ascine to me, but am I wrong? Is that not a double standard? What if the goalies had spectacular games? Anybody recall that amazing 0-0 draw between Mexico and Brazil in the World Cup? Ochoa? Remember? Uh huh, me too.

I'm not saying a weekend of winning ratings for soccer is the end of baseball, it certainly isn't. But the recent surge of interest in soccer is proof that a new era is upon us in America, paving the way for "America's pastime" to become just that.

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28 Jul

Video: Girl Chickens out on High Dive at the Last Second; Doesn't End Well

A young girl backed out at the last second during a high dive at Lava Hotsprings in Idaho. As she approached the end of the diving board, she grabs the railing and horrifically spills down to the lower diving board.

The girl bounces off the lower end, tumbling out of control looking like a ragdoll, but luckily landed into the water as onlookers watched in horror.

For those wondering, the girl is ok, but she probably won't be getting any diving scholarships thrown at her anytime soon.

{h/t Barstool Sports}

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