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23 Apr

Video: NHL Refs Leaves a Loogie Hanging from His Chin

I was getting settled in for the start of the St. Louis Blues Chicago Blackhawks game when I caught this. One of the refs let out a little spit onto the ice, which is normal, nothing wrong with that all the players do it as well.

However, the ref hilariously left the loogie all over his chin and it just hung there for the whole world to see. I really hope someone else caught this live, how embarrassing!

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15 Apr 1

Video: Joakim Noah Excited for Playoffs and Sunshine; Finds out It's Snowing

After the Bulls defeated the lowly Magic for their 48th win of the 2013-14 season, the media caught up with Joakim Noah for a post-game interview.

Noah seemed really upbeat about the upcoming playoffs and the recent warm weather and sunshine the Chicago area received this past weekend. 

Little did the All-Star center know, the snow was falling on Madison Street, right outside the United Center, while he was inside posting another double-double (nearly a triple-double) and receiving MVP chants as he attempted free throws.

Watch his reaction! Not going to lie, it's how I feel as well. The snow must go. 

Here's a picture of the snow we got today in Chicago. After a high of 63 degrees earlier in the day, almost a full inch of snow hit the city. Last time something like this occurred was in 1916, when it was 59 degrees and Chicago got 1.8" of snow. 

I feel you Jo, I feel you...summer can't come soon enough.

(Video courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times)

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7 Apr 3

NCAA Championship Play: Kentucky vs. UConn

The madness is officially coming to a close and I'm quite sad to see it go. The 2014 NCAA Tournament has provided us with some unbelievable upsets, and tonight will be the first time in NCAA history that a #7 and #8 seed square off for the title.

The Kentucky Wildcats were pegged by Las Vegas books as 3-point favorites over the Connecticut Huskies in the championship game. Las Vegas sportsbooks opened with a total of 134, which was quickly bet up to 135. It should also be noted, that the current line is hovering around Kentucky -2.5.

Kentucky has won the last two games on last-second three-pointers by freshman Aaron Harrison. I'm not taking anything away from the Wildcats, they have been terrific. They beat both Wichita State and Louisville, which I didn't think was possible, but I did learn one thing from their win over Wisconsin...

The Wildcats won't beat you by drawing up plays and running clock. They know how to do one thing on the offensive end of the court. Attack. The Wildcats didn't run much real offense against the Badgers. They just simply drove the lane and prayed for put backs or fouls. And they got both. The Harrison twins would drive and look to dish, or Randle would go down on the block and post up. 

Jacking up threes is just not the Wildcats style of play and nothing will change in this game. Kentucky only attempted five three-pointers against the Badgers, only two in the second half (one of them the game winner). 

Expect more of the same tonight from the Wildcats. James Young is a pure shooter, and he will make you pay for it if you leave him open. However, outside of Young, Kentucky's creativity on the offensive end is pretty bland. The Wildcats will rely on free throws and second chances tonight, something the Huskies need to keep at a minimum if they want to win this game.

Experts are predicting that Kentucky will contain and create problems for UConn's star Shabazz Napier. What they are ignoring, is the fact that Florida did a pretty good job on Napier, and it was the other Huskies, Ryan Boatright and DeAndre Daniels who picked up the slack. Even Niels Griffey has been very efficient and important to this Huskies run.  

Don't get me wrong, Napier is a stud, but let's give credit where it's due. This Huskies team is damn good, and it's certainly been a team effort to get here, it's not just the Shabazz show. Also, Kevin Ollie is doing a wonderful job replacing a legend like Jim Calhoun. I really admire his style of coaching and his emphasis on discipline and hustle.

These Huskie guards are pesky defenders and will create problems for the young Harrison twins in my opinion. If you watched the game against Florida, Boatright and Napier, made Gators Scottie Wilbekin's day a living hell. Florida's guards finsihed the game 5-18 from the floor, scoring a measly 14 points.

The Huskies are averaging 7.0 steals per game in the tournament, while the Wildcats give up 5.4 steals per game. UConn's pesky defense is creating 13 turnovers a game and they boast a better turnover to assist ratio versus Kentucky.

I repeat...Kentucky is going to pound the ball in the paint by any means necessary against the Huskies tonight. That is the style of play that has gotten the Wildcats this far, and I doubt coach Calipari will let his team get away from what has been working since the tournament began.

With all this being said, the coaching edge and athletic ability go to Kentucky. But experience and discipline are on UConn's side. The Wildcats lack of creativity and poor free throw shooting will be their demise. 

If they are down late in this game, the pounding of the ball inside will have to be abandoned, and shots from the outside will have to start falling. Something they haven't been accustomed to doing all tournament (outside of double A's two game winners).

Both of these teams deserve to be here. They have won six straight games, and have shown the resilience and dedication it takes to get to this stage. Best of luck to all fans, players, and coaches of both teams. 

Kentucky is damn good and will give everything they got tonight, but I'm taking the UConn Huskies and the points.

University of Connecticut Huskies +3 (-120)

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7 Apr 2

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Here's ScoreBig's 100% guarantee to their customers: 

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6 Apr

Video: Amazing Collection of Kentucky Fans Reacting to Game Winning Three

The Kentucky Wildcats are headed to the national championship thanks to another last second, cold blooded three-pointer, courtesy of freshman Aaron Harrison.

Thanks to Drew Franklin from Kentucky Sports Radio, we can all relive that moment. 

Here is a beautiful collection of Big Blue Nation reacting to Aaron Harrison's game winning 3-pointer against Wisconsin. Both from inside the stadium and across bars worldwide. Drew Franklin proclaimed on twitter, "I cried the entire time while making that."

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(Video courtesy of Drew Franklin from Kentucky Sports Radio)

5 Apr 2

Kentucky Advances to Finals, Fans Lose Their Minds and Start Fires

The Kentucky Wildcats have done the unthinkable, beating Wisconsin to advance to the 2014 NCAA tournament championship.

Once again, Aaron Harrison bailed out his team, by drilling a cold-blooded 3-pointer with 5.7 seconds left to give his team the 74-73 lead and eventual victory.

After the game, Kentucky fans aka BBN, lost their minds in Lexington. A swarm of people polluted State street, hanging/falling from trees, ripping stop signs off their posts, and starting bonfires in the middle of the road. It's complete mayhem!!!

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2 Apr 2

Mitch Callahan Takes Puck to the Mouth, Tweets Disgusting Selfie

Mitch Callahan currently plays for the AHL Grand Rapid Griffins, and is a forward in the Detroit Red Wings organization. 

On Wednesday night, Callahan took a puck to the face while setting up shop in front of Iowa Wild goalie Johan Gustafsson.

A slapshot from the point, by Ryan Spoul, caught Callahan square in the mouth, knocking out multiple teeth. Callahan, along with his teammates, scoured the ice for his lost chompers, successfully picking up a few of them. 

The ice was stained with Callahan's blood as he made his exit off the ice and straight to the hospital. Naturally, as a hockey player, losing teeth isn't that big of a deal...so Callahan decided to share his injury with the world via his twitter account.

Here's Callahan's tweet, and here's the result of a puck hitting you in the mouth at a high rate of speed. If you have a weak stomach, don't look!

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27 Mar

Pic: Dayton Flyers Advance to the Elite Eight, Students on Campus Go Wild

It's been one hell of a run for the Dayton Flyers in the 2014 NCAA tournament. Defying all odds, the Flyers are headed to the Elite Eight and their campus is in a frenzy. 

After beating both Ohio State and then Syracuse to get here, the Flyers defeated Stanford 82-72 in the Sweet Sixteen. Here's the scene RIGHT NOW on Dayton's campus!!

(Photo via @Smoothsmith8)

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27 Mar

Richard Sherman Has School Spirit, in Attendance for Sweet Sixteen

Stanford and Dayton were not expected to be here, but nevertheless, here they are. That's what March Madness is all about, as both teams are double-digit seeds who were predicted to go nowhere. Instead, they busted everyone's bracket (except mine, I have Dayton here. No really...I do)

Current Seahawks star and Stanford alum, Richard Sherman, is showing some school spirit tonight. Sherman and Stanford's football coach David Shaw are in attendance for the Sweet Sixteen matchup.

Before the game, Sherman tweeted this picture with Condoleezza Rice, with the caption, "nice crowd tonight in Memphis." Rice is also a Stanford alum.

The Flyers aren't going away, so Sherman better not go too far. 

Can you imagine Sherman on the court hitting a game-winning three and then giving a post-game interview? It would be epic.

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26 Mar 1

Breaking: Barcelona G Victor Valdes Tears ACL; Out for World Cup

Barcelona squared off against Celta Vigo earlier today, in an important match for the Catalans' as they chase both Atletico and Real Madrid in the standings.

I was actually watching the game when this happened, and I almost instantly knew what occured when Barcelona goalie Victor Valdes went down. I've seen it before. Chicago Bulls fans have seen it before. 

Barcelona's goalie, Victor Valdes, suffered a torn ACL on a freak play on a free kick. Celta Vigo attempted a free-kick outside the box, which Valdes handled quite easily. The ball bounced off his hands and he jumped to get the rebound. 

Valdes landed awkwardly and immediately fell to the ground in anguish asking for medical attention. He was carted off the field, and backup goalie Pinto replaced him.

According to Diario Sport, Valdes has torn his cruciate ligament and will require 6 months to recover. That mean's Valdes' La Liga season is finished, and also sadly, his run with Spain in the 2014 World Cup is finished.

This is a huge injury in the soccer world, both on the league and international level. Barcelona's hopes for a late season surge to top the table are more than likely dashed. This is also a huge loss for Spain's squad for the World Cup this summer. 

Barcelona and Spain don't have many weaknesses, but goalie is for sure one of them. Should be interesting to see how this plays out in Brazil. 

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