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12 Jul

Breaking: Paul Pierce Signs 2-Year, $10 Million Deal with the Washington Wizards

Per Marc Stein of ESPN, Paul Pierce will sign a two-year deal worth $10 million with the Washington Wizards at the mid-level exception, with a player option entering Year 2.

Well, that didn't take long for the Wizards, who were trying to replace Trevor Ariza, who they lost in free agency to the Houston Rockets. Ariza agreed to a 4-year, $32 million contract earlier in the day.

Michael Lee of the Washington Post also reported that Pierce's former teammate, Sam Cassell (Wizards assistant coach), played a vital role in convincing Pierce to come to Washington.

Pierce lasted only one year with the Brooklyn Nets, posting career lows in almost every major statiscal category. He did however rake in $15 million in 2013, and it looks like the Wizards are hoping "the truth" can help push them atop the Eastern Conference totem pole.

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12 Jul

Official: Pau Gasol Signs with the Chicago Bulls

Late last night, news broke that the Chicago Bulls and Pau Gasol were close to reaching an agreement. The reports were conflicting, as Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo reported that it was a signing by the Bulls, while Jesus Sanchez of Spanish news outlet Marca said it was a sign-and-trade.

Per Wojnarowski, the Bulls and Lakers have been working on a sign-and-trade deal to bring Gasol to Chicago on a multi-year contract. League sources say the deal is worth approximately $10 million a year. If the sign-and-trade deal falls through, the Bulls will sign Gasol outright, paying him roughly $6.5 million a year. 

Gasol let it be known via twitter that he has decided to join the Chicago Bulls. He said it hasn't been easy choosing where to play.

The sign-and-trade deal had been rumored to involve a third team, the Houston Rockets. Not sure how Houston would have fit into this, but that deal is now dead. The Bulls failed to complete the sign-and-trade, so this is just a straight signing, no trades involved. 

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12 Jul

Report: Carmelo Anthony to Sign 5-Year, $120+ Million Deal with Knicks

The wait is over. Carmelo Anthony has finally made up his mind and is returning to the New York Knicks. Per Adrian Wojnarowski, Anthony will sign a five-year, $120 million-plus deal, and the announcement will be made public on Sunday.

Numerous teams made their sales pitch to Carmelo last week including the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Rockets and Lakers were long-shots to acquire 'Melo, and the only threat to the Knicks seemed to be the Bulls.

Earlier in the week, Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, said Carmelo was returning to the Knicks and the announcement would be made on Thursday. 

Thursday came and went, and rumors were swirling that 'Melo was "agonizing" over the decision. He supposedly had second thoughts about going to the Chicago Bulls.

Per reports, the mindset of Carmelo's camp was, take the money the Knicks are offering now, and then worry about the destination later if things don't pan out. As in, they can always request a trade if things don't work out with Phil Jackson and the Knicks.

Hope Carmelo is ready for this, the East is no joke, and the Bulls and Cavaliers are in way better shape than the Knicks. On the other hand, 'Melo will make roughly $300,000 PER GAME with the Knicks over the next five years, so he wins either way.

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11 Jul 1

Breaking: Pau Gasol Close to Agreement with the Chicago Bulls

Per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports and Jesus Sanchez of Spanish news outlet Marca, the Chicago Bulls have made an agreement to acquire Los Angeles Lakers free agent Pau Gasol.

Or maybe they traded for him? The reports are conflicting, as Wojnarowski says Chicago and Gasol working to complete an agreement, while Sanchez is reporting the deal is virtually done via sign-and-trade.

Pau Gasol recently turned down a reported 2-year, $23 million deal as well as a 3-year, $29 million deal to stay with the Lakers. 

Gasol was being pursued by multiple NBA teams including the Spurs, Bulls, Thunder and Hawks, and it's been publicly stated that he wanted to play for a contender.

It's still unknown where Carmelo Anthony will end up, but this move seems like an indication that the Bulls front office is moving forward, and 'Melo is more than likely staying in New York. 

Unless of course those silly, hypothetical rumors swirling around social media right now that the Bulls will use Gasol as a sign-and-trade piece to land Carmelo. But it's late...and that rumor probably holds no water.

Now we just need to find out who exactly is involved in the trade, as the Lakers were reportedly not interested in Carlos Boozer. Or is there no trade at all? 

Did the Bulls front office just settle again because they whiffed on LeBron, Bosh, Wade and other free agent stars like it's 2010 all over again? I sure hope not. Stay tuned for updates.

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11 Jul

Video: Dwyane Wade Reaction to LeBron and Bosh Leaving Miami

This is probably as close as it will get to what Dwyane Wade's reaction was to the news of both Chris Bosh and LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat.

Wade is no stranger to the rebuilding process, as he's gone through two periods of stinking up the joint with the Heat. But he's also won three championships. The guy is loyal, I give him that much. Don't forget, before LeBron showed up in town South Florida was known as "Wade County."

Just a heads up, the video uses foul language, I think we've all seen the movie, but still thought I'd let you know ahead of time.

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10 Jul

LeBron James is Headed to Cleveland; Hackers Discover Clues on His Website

A decision on where LeBron James will play basketball next season is still to be determined. We do know that he left his meeting with Pat Riley in Las Vegas yesterday without giving a commitment to the Heat. 

We also know that when the decision is made, LeBron will announce it on his website We might not have to wait for LeBron's decision thanks to some hacker skills and some detective work.

Per our friends over at TerezOwens, a couple clever computer developers ran LeBron's website through "Firebug." The program allows users to inspect and edit HTML code written on the website. 

Guess what they found? As of yesterday, there were a couple of pages that were built, but none of them hold any content...yet.

However, the empty pages soon to be filled with LeBron's decision 2.0, left behind a color palette. The color palette they found was as follows: ffbb42, 012a60, 870038, and ffffff. 

I'm no web developer, and I'm sure most reading this are thinking, "ok, what does this even mean?" I'll tell you what it means. Those color palette's are the same colors as the Cleveland Cavaliers!

The web developer built the pages with a navy blue header, crimson font sets, and golden accents. In other words, he's not going back to Miami! Those are Cavs colors folks!

As of 3:30pm, LeBron's website crashed as fans across the world were scrambling to the website to see his official announcement. The site either doesn't load for most users or you are just staring at a screenshot of LeBron.

Don't bother, the proof is in the pages, LeBron is headed home...

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9 Jul

Rumor: Moving Trucks Spotted at LeBron James' House in Miami

The LeBron James rumors are flying off the shelf now that Carmelo Anthony has stated he will return to the Knicks.

Our friends over at Terez Owens got some juicy photos of what is rumored to be moving trucks and exotic car transportation rigs in Miami earlier today. Could that really be the James family? Where are they going?

Per reports, LeBron also finished up his meeting with Pat Riley and the Heat in Las Vegas a few hours ago. He DID NOT give a commitment to the Miami Heat before leaving.

Is LeBron packing up and taking his talents back to Ohio? 

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(Photos courtesy of TerezOwens)

9 Jul

Report: Carmelo Anthony to Re-Sign with Knicks; Announcement on Thursday

Well, looks like the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes are coming to a close. Frank Isola, of the New York Daily News reported that Carmelo Anthony is prepared to spend the prime years of his career in New York.

A source close to Carmelo told The News on Wednesday that barring a last minute change of heart, Anthony will re-sign with the Knicks after "agonizing over this" for the past week.

"He will have something for everybody on Thursday," said the friend who was with Anthony in Los Angeles. "He is really torn because this is the  biggest decision of his career. But he wants to get it done in New York. He told me he believes in Phil."

Adrian Worjnarowski of Yahoo just sent this tweet out:

Interesting if that's true, as that would pretty much wrap up any assumption of what Carmelo truly wants, a ring or the money. Sounds like he just wants to guarantee himself the money, and then just abandon the ship down the road if things go south. 

I would trust Phil Jackson too, the "Zen Master" blessed the city of Chicago with 6 championships, I'm just not sure how much Phil can trust Carmelo at this point. 

Is he really committed to this team and the city of New York on a quest for a championship? Or did he "agonize" over how many millions he would lose if he left New York?

The 2014 NBA free agency house of cards are now beginning to fall, only time will tell where LeBron James is headed next, but many are now reporting back to his original team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Stay tuned. 

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9 Jul

Germany's 7-1 World Cup Win Over Brazil Sets Twitter Records; Most-Discussed Sporting Event of All-Time!

The 2014 World Cup just became the most-discussed sporting event of all-time. By a shocking 7-1 scoreline led by a 5-goal first half, Germany completely humiliated the host country of the tournament, Brazil, and set some records in the process.

Trying to overcome the unfortunate loss of superstar Neymar, due to a fractured vertebrae against Colombia, and the suspension of Thigao Silva, it was simply too daunting of a task for the short-handed Brazilian side.

There were 35.6 million tweets during the entire match, or 6,341 tweets per minute. Per twitter data , Brazil vs. Germany is the most-discussed single sports game ever on twitter! 

Certainly sets the stage for any other professional sport, let's see another league such as the NFL or NBA try and top that. Soccer truly is the most popular sport around the globe, and the German performance had twitter literally on fire yesterday.

Here's some more stats courtesy of twitter data:

Julio Cesar, Oscar, and Fred were the most-mentioned players from the Brazilian side (majority more than likely negative, Fred was booed by the home crowd), while Miroslav Klose, Toni Kroos, and Thomas Muller earned most-mentioned for the Germans, and rightfully so the way those three played today. The Brazil fans at one point were actually applauding the impressive German play late in the game, it was truly a masterpiece.

The Germans officially set the twitterverse ablaze in the 29th minute, when Sami Khedira fired one in the back of the net, making it a shocking 5-0, and all but the death of Brazil's hopes of a World Cup victory.

There were 580,166 tweets per minute, which is just another one in the record books for a historical night in German football history and the history of soccer in general. It was truly a clinic put on by the Germans, and a game I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Here's a highlight reel of the 5 goals scored by the Germans in the first 30 minutes of the match. Just utter dominance and pure brilliance:

And here's some fan reactions as this was all unfolding. Pure disbelief and agony for the Brazilian faithful:

(Germany takes a 3-0 lead in the 24th minute, and this woman sums up the entire countries disbelief with how quickly things escalated)

(It got even worse...At this point, the Brazilians have just conceded the fifth goal of the first half. You can literally see the disappointment and emotional pain this woman was feeling. The game was virtually over at this point, Brazil's World Cup hopes dashed in a little under a half hour)

Things didn't improve for the home side in the second half, giving up two more to the Germans, moving the score to an embarrassing 7-0. Brazil's Oscar scored a late, meaningless goal in the 89th minute to salvage a shutout, but that's the only positive you could take from one of the worst defeats we have seen in World Cup history. 

Netherlands and Argentina square off later today, to decide who will face Germany in the final. I don't think it will be breaking both soccer and social media records like the mighty Germans did yesterday, but it will be interesting to see if two European teams can square off on South American soil for all the marbles. 

That also, has never been done before. Records might just be the trend heading into the conclusion of this tournament, and what a ride it's been. 2018 can't come soon enough.

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24 Jun

167 Bettors Won Money Thanks to Luis Suarez Biting Giorgio Chiellini

It was obvious that this was no mistake, or just a simple misunderstanding. Suarez literally tried to eat the Italian's shoulder. And then on top of it, Suarez went crashing to the ground, as if Chiellini was at fault for hurting his teeth!

Somehow, despite physical proof of the bite, Suarez was not disciplined or sent off for his actions. In fact, his team would score two minutes later on Diego Godin's header, which would help see them through to the next round and send Italy home.

Chiellini said after the game that FIFA was protecting one of the tournament's biggest stars. "Suarez is a sneak and he gets away with it because FIFA want their stars to play in the World Cup. I would love to see if they have the courage to use video evidence against him. The referee saw the bite mark too, but he did nothing about it."

Believe it or not, 167 bettors actually made money off Luis Suarez' antics. Betsson, a Norway gambling website, offered bettors an unusual prop bet before the World Cup started. At 175-1 odds, the website allowed bettors to put their money down that Luis Suarez would bite someone during the World Cup. And he did just that.

Thomas Syversen bet 32 krone (around $5.25) that Suarez would repeat his shameful antics from 2010 and 2013. He cashed in 5600 krone ($916) on the bet. Here's his ticket that he posted on twitter:

The biggest winner was a Norwegian man, who ended up winning $3,300 on the prop bet, but his name was not disclosed due to company policy, said Betsson manager Andreas Bardun.

Seeing that Suarez has already been caught doing this same thing not once, but twice before, I'm surprised this book offered this prop bet at 175-1 odds. Clever way to get new clients, but this one backfired thanks to the Uruguayan cannibal! 

Suspension, maybe even a ban for Luis Suarez should follow in the coming days, which could hurt his team's chances of advancing any further in the World Cup.

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