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22 Mar 7

Floyd Mayweather Bets $7 Million Dollars on UCLA Bruins!!

The title above has no typos, I promise. 

Professional boxer and high-roller gambler, Floyd Mayweather, is at it again in Las Vegas. 

According to sources, Mayweather has laid several bets across nine different sportsbooks (you didn't think one book would take that action did you?) on the UCLA Bruins +4 tonight. 

The Bruins are playing the Minnesota Gophers, and are actually the higher seed in this match-up, but are still underdogs. 

Of course, Mayweather who resides in Vegas, is very well-known in the gambling community and he has several credit lines with numerous sportsbooks. He's filthy rich either way, but nobody wants to lose $7 million dollars. Will you be rooting for him? 

     ===================== UPDATE ======================

Floyd won't be popping any bottles tonight. Minnesota is running UCLA out of the gym and lead 79-56 with 3:35 remaining. Not sure what he saw in the Bruins tonight. Were you rooting for him or against him? 

It's all over. 83-63 FINAL. Team Money takes the L. 

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    rip them tickets up sucka!!!

    LMAO @ Manny Pacquiao!!! Minnesota running them out of the gym!

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